Why is IOTG’s “customer service so much better than our competitors”? Simple, we train technicians on ALL manufacturers’ makes & models. This is invaluable because most customers have a diverse range of office equipment that they have acquired over time, and they prefer to have one vendor servicing all of those assets.

IOTG is committed to providing the solutions you need to manage your business efficiently and effectively. More importantly, we provide the personal relationships that are often missing from other business or technology providers. We understand the tasks you face in managing the demands of business growth while coping with continuous technology challenges. You’ll find that we provide a unique combination of all things office related and highly technical that is unmatched regionally.


As Part of our commitment to our customers, IOTG has provided online service and supply requests as well as meter reporting to make it easier than ever to get what you need without the need to pick up the phone. This service is available 24/7 for added convenience.